Plenty of Coins no Silver

I’m still scanning the ground pretty hard.  I think I’ve pretty much emptied the hundred year old park for now.  At least until the conditions change or my skills increase.  The more I learn about the Etrac the more questions I have.  I’m pretty confident I can find most coins in the ground I go over, except for the really deep coins pushing 8+”.   The Etrac goes really deep and as with most detectors the deepest targets become difficult to ID.  Since wheat pennies are the most prolific, I’ve figured out out how they read (TID) at deep depths.  At this park, there is a layer of coins between 7-9″ from the 1950’s.  Almost every coin I’ve dug there is from that era.  I’ve also noticed I found most coins clustered in little” hot spots” in a circumference of 8′ or in coin spills.  I believe this is where picnic tables sat.  Since the park is REALLY old, how deep are the rest?  Or was the area bulldozed (modernized) in the 1950’s and the older coins gone or buried deeper?   Who knows?  I can tell one thing I’ve learned, don’t just hunt the obvious spots, hunt the fringes too!  I’ve been doing it for a while and it takes a lot of determination, but when you find the coins you’ll forget about all the ground you covered not finding anything.  Besides, it feels good finding stuff everyone else missed!  My writings must be pretty boring, I’ve had plenty of views, but no comments.  I’m sure there those (myself included) who like to look at pictures of a persons finds.  I’m only allowed a certain amount of space and pic’s suck it up.  I’m surprised no one has asked any questions on the main picture on my home page.  Hmmm


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