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A lot of digging, not much old

I had to go and let Mr. Jinx in the picture..not really.  I’ve been out digging every free moment I have.  No silver to show for it, but some old wheats like 1910 and 1918!  So I’m in the right area, but am I missing the better stuff?  Same old questions.  I hunted three parks dating into the 1800’s and only found a couple wheats.  In one rather large old park, I dug two clad dimes at 6-7″.   I didn’t find one old coin after two hours of hunting.  In fact, I only found 5 modern coins.  So is everything deeper or has someone with a good machine and skill cleaned it out?  I don’t know.  I hunted an 1800’s era house where the grass was knee high.  It was tough, but I pulled some old wheats and some modern coins.  The farmer said he was going to mow it soon and would give me a call.  A really great guy to boot!  I hope the rest of you are nailing it, just kidding. I hope everyone is finding the good stuff!  Still two silver coins shy of my goal…….

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More Silver Quarters and Mercs!

My metal detecting for silver has really taken off.  I wonder if I should even say that allowing Mr. Jinx to get involved.  I will elaborate a little more on the where.  I received permission to hunt a residence built in 1952.  It has a large back yard including some heavy duty park grade swings etc from the 50’s.  So I know kids definitely played there a really good sign.  The yard is also very well taken care of and didn’t look like any major yard improvements were done.  So I only had a little bit of time to hunt with my son in town this last weekend.  I was able to find 3 wheats and my first two silver quarters for the year and a silver rosie.  I went back there tonight and hit it slow and low.  I pulled 2 more silver quarters and three Mercury dimes!  I was shocked to hit Merc’s in a 1950’s yard.  So were Merc’s prevalent pocket change in the 50’s?   What a jackpot yard!  I also started detecting this last weekend another old park in town.  There is nothing there except a walking trail now.  I manged to find my third silver quarter and another silver rosie there.  They were random finds and nothing really to associate why they were even there other than being a park.  So I’m pretty happy and I’m only two silver coins away from my goal 30.  Man I hope I didn’t get Mr. Jinx’s attention!!

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Really Great Weekend

I hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did.  My youngest son came home from college this weekend to spend time with Dad.  So while he slept in I went metal detecting.  I’ve been dieing to find a silver quarter this year.  Most Metal Detectectorist ( is that even a real word?) strive to find silver half dollars, silver dollars and even gold coins.  Heck, I feel lucky to find silver dimes!  This weekend I found 3 silver Washington quarters!  Not only is that the most I found in a year, I found them all in one weekend.  I also found two silver Roosevelt dimes to boot!  To make the weekend even sweeter, me and my son found 27 Morel Mushrooms!!  I hope everyone’s luck was as good as mine!  I’m on my way to that magical 30!!

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