More Silver Quarters and Mercs!

My metal detecting for silver has really taken off.  I wonder if I should even say that allowing Mr. Jinx to get involved.  I will elaborate a little more on the where.  I received permission to hunt a residence built in 1952.  It has a large back yard including some heavy duty park grade swings etc from the 50’s.  So I know kids definitely played there a really good sign.  The yard is also very well taken care of and didn’t look like any major yard improvements were done.  So I only had a little bit of time to hunt with my son in town this last weekend.  I was able to find 3 wheats and my first two silver quarters for the year and a silver rosie.  I went back there tonight and hit it slow and low.  I pulled 2 more silver quarters and three Mercury dimes!  I was shocked to hit Merc’s in a 1950’s yard.  So were Merc’s prevalent pocket change in the 50’s?   What a jackpot yard!  I also started detecting this last weekend another old park in town.  There is nothing there except a walking trail now.  I manged to find my third silver quarter and another silver rosie there.  They were random finds and nothing really to associate why they were even there other than being a park.  So I’m pretty happy and I’m only two silver coins away from my goal 30.  Man I hope I didn’t get Mr. Jinx’s attention!!

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3 thoughts on “More Silver Quarters and Mercs!

  1. Jim

    What resources are you using to find the old parks in your neighborhood? I too am having issues with old parks being backfilled with new dirt, etc. Great job on your silver finds this year. I got my E-Trac in March and have been out for about 2 hours so far this year (time is very limited), but I managed to pull a 1942D war nickel after ONLY cutting 3 plugs! My first silver find with this machine. The last time I MDed was back in the 1970s… boy times have changed! I have been spending most of my time learning TTF and tweaking discrimination on my Etrac in my large back yard (about 4 hrs) — truckloads of nails, brass, and can slaw. I absolutely love the Etrac as I can now ID these more easily and avoid digging them in the field.

    • Jim to good hear from you. I use google maps and search google for old maps. Ex – “Kansas City historic maps” The University of Missouri has a lot of old maps on Missouri online, historic map works is another good source. I spend hours just typing in search strings looking for sources. Finding good places to hunt is going to be the most difficult part of Metal Detecting soon. I’ve found most of our parks have been hunted hard, but everyone seems to hit the same parts instead of the whole park. I been having good luck hitting the fringes of parks. Let me know how it goes!

      • Jim

        Thanks for your ideas! I like the historic map works site. I can see how many hours can be spent on these! Sounds like a great winter activity. :o)

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