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The Big Score!!

Finding a Barber is like hitting a home run to me.  Finding a key date Barber dime is a grand slam!  I was hunting a very old park last Saturday finding only modern coins and listening to a musical orchestra of trash (Etrac owners know what I mean) when I hit an interesting signal.  10-43, 11-44, 12*44 then some iron numbers included.  The signal was 6-7″ and hard to stay on top of.  Since all my earlier deep targets were really ugly numbers I went after it.  I saw the silver rim and I thought Merc, but then I saw it was a decent shape Barber.  I carefully picked away the dirt to see the date, 1895 O, SWEET!  It wasn’t until I got home and looked it up and realized it was THE key date for Barbers dimes.  I just found my second barber dime (1911D) the day before in an old yard.  I was pumped about that.  These finds makes my two silver rosie’s this week boring news.  So I’m at 47 silvers for the year, wow,  I’m still having a hard time believing it.  Here’s what I’m learning, don’t discriminate too much, go slow regardless of the amount of trash your hearing or the constant hum of thresh hold, watch your depth meter  and when you start hitting a lot of deeper targets, investigate each target.  I know it seems like a hassle, but the Etrac isn’t perfect and may need a little more time to make a better ID. Best of luck to you!

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Another Silver Quarter and Silver Rosie

I’ve still been hard at this last week.  The weather has been super dry and I’ve found it helping me find really deep coins in loose black soil.  I’ve always thought it would be the opposite.  Then we received 3+ inches of rain in the last few days and now I cannot identify the DEEP coins.  The really dry soil reduces the falsing of iron allowing me identify coins nearby.   So I’ve developed another strategy for hunting different sites now.   I love that feeling of pulling a deep silver quarter and dime out of a hunted out park.  I would really like to know the feeling of hunting a virgin park!   My coin count is really taking off so I must be doing it right.

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Three More Mercury Dimes..

Since my last posting I’ve managed to find three more silvers in the form of Mercury dimes.  I love finding Mercury dimes, but I’m ready to start finding Barber dimes.  Heck, I’m ready to start finding much older coins period!  The weather has been pretty mild here for July, but its way to dry.  So I’ve been sticking to only digging parks, heavily hunted parks that is.  The three Merc’s came from three different parks and a lot of patient scanning.  The only silver coins left are the difficult ones no one else could find.  One of the Merc’s ended up being one of the deepest coins I’ve found at a honest 8-9″.  I could barely detect it and my numbers were all over the place.  Using “Quick Mask” I was able to determine it was a coin at the very edge of my Etrac ability to detect it.  Still I was pretty sure it was a coin.  I’ve dug a lot of modern coins and wheats as my numbers are climbing.   I’m still not a 100% confident I can find a silver coin mixed with old iron.   I just haven’t done it myself.  I’ve dug wheats with nails in the same hole, but not silver I can remember.  Every mixed signal I’ve dug with silver coin numbers and iron numbers ALWAYS ended being a nail.  That would be I picked up the head of the nail that is.  So I’ve differed to only digging solid  reasonable numbered targets with a nice repeatable sound.  If anyone is willing to share their insights I will be happy to listen.  Best to you…

BTW – I did find a Chicago Transit Authority token.  Kinda odd since it was found in an old Kansas City Park. It was at about 5-6″ and rang up in between foil and Nickel numbers.  Odd sounding and odd numbers prompted me to dig it.  I’m glad I did.  So when in doubt, be curious and dig it.  You never know….

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