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Silver, despite the cold!

I’ve added several new silver coins to my totals this year.  I nailed 3 Merc’s and a silver Rosie to add to my silver count.  I also picked up a couple silver rings to boot!   The weather has been predominantly cold making detecting pretty challenging, but it beats being cooped up in the house.   On one of my last hunts I picked up a toasted Indian Head penny.  After cleaning with lemon juice and baking soda I was able to see the date of 1893.  I love finding Indian Head pennies and its a shame its corroded so badly.    I still don’t understand why we haven’t been able to find more silver quarters.  At the last place we hunted I found a 1918S, 1925D Mercury dimes, I thought for sure we would at least pick a silver quarter.  It was not to be.  I can understand silver half dollars and silver dollars, but there should be more silver quarters.  I have a hard time believing all the silver quarters has been found already at these places.   It must have been a blast metal detecting 20 years ago!

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More Silver Rosies

Daylight savings time has cut my evening hunt time down an hour 😦  By the time I get off work I barely have any time to hunt, dang it.  I still managed to find two silver rosie’s and a wheat in the front yard of a 1950’s house tonight.  I found another silver rosie in an old school yard last weekend.  I’m still hitting the ground as hard as I can knowing time is starting to run short.  I did find a sterling silver cub scout ring in the school yard too.  I didn’t even know they existed let alone silver.  Hopefully I will have additional finds soon.  Best of luck!

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