On the board with silver for 2015

I went out to a 1943 Park for a couple hours.  At first my hope of finding something was pretty weak.  All targets including trash was shallow since the park had been recently renovated.  So I started criss crossing the park looking for deeper targets hoping to find undisturbed soil.   Then I hit a target with numbers like 11-47, 13-47, 12-47 meaning silver quarter like numbers at 5-6″.  I found my first silver of 2015, a 1943P Merc.  So I crawled over that area and pulled 5 wheats with dates ranging from 1925 – 1952.  Two of the deep wheats rang up like silver dimes, bummer.  I was hoping for more silver, but I didn’t find any.  It was a tough hunt today, temps in the lower 30’s and breezy at times.  The ground was frozen down about 3″ and a bear to get through.  At least I started the year heading in the right direction.

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