Great Weekend and Great Finds

The weather was great this last weekend and I knew I’d better get out with the Etrac.  I decided to hit the last two old parks where I found silver.  I went back to the park where I found several silver dimes including a Barber.  There’s a lot of ground there to cover and I covered a pretty large portion of it.  I didn’t find any new hot spots or a random silver.  I did find a deep dateless wheat and several modern coins, but no silver. I still think there’s more silver there, just deeper.  Out of curiosity I decided to hit a fairly large grassy area in between two streets right next to the park.  I found a Merc and several modern coins.  I will need think about hunting these kinds of places in the future.  My next stop was the park where I found the silver quarter and Mercury dime.  The area was densely littered with nails and I hunted it heavily in multi tone before.  So to satisfy my curiosity I hit it hard in TTF to see if I missed anything.  My first good target was 1244 mixed in with a lot of iron grunts.  I was very surprised to find a 1906D Barber dime!  I know when I hunted in multi tone, the etrac struggled to sort through all the targets even though I was going at a snails pace.  I also noticed the soil was heavily mineralized, black grainy etc.  I ended up finding a wheat and several memorials I missed before too.  So this experiment proved something I wondered about over the last year.  Multi tone doesn’t always find everything, regardless how slow you go.   There’s just too many different variables in the environment at different locations to be perfect every time.  So if your gut tells you there should be more, go find out.  So if you have an Etrac, why not use all of its abilities?  In my case, it put another Barber on my board!  Now I just need to find more silver quarters and half dollars 🙂  Good luck!

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