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Another Barber Quarter!

I’ve put in a lot of hours and coil swinging to find silver.  I managed to hit a Merc at 5-6″  that sang out loud and clear.  Not sure why it wasn’t found by others.  It was the same with the Barber Quarter, it hit a solid 12-46 and was only 4″ deep.  Its the shallowest silver quarter I’ve found to date and the only one that rang up 12-46.  I thought I was digging another clad quarter until I saw the Eagle on back.   I managed to hit another deep Indian Head penny in pretty good shape.  I like finding those as much as silver!  I’m at 41 silver coins and 100 seems a million miles away.  I need to step up my research and focus on old gathering places.  I hope your finds are plenty and old 🙂  Good luck!

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