Ace 250 tips..

Hopefully my tips will help shorten the learning curve using the Ace 250.  There are a ton of websites that offer excellent tips on finding coins.  I followed them to a “T”, but I couldn’t find a silver coin to save my life.  Here’s what I figured out in the past year.

I live in the Midwest, so I’m not sure if it will be the same everywhere.  Also I got smart and bought a larger coil which made all the difference in the world. (see Tools page)

When I first started metal detecting I dug only signals that repeated coin both ways and at 90 degrees.  I still dug bottle caps and those aluminum twist off caps.  I soon started to realize coins deeper than 4- 5″ didn’t always signal coin constantly or didn’t always signal correctly at 90 degrees.  So I started watching signal patterns of how my detector started reacting to different targets under the coil ( I had to dig everyone to see what it was).  After a while I could tell what was most likely trash and what “jumpy”  signals could be coins.  Here’s the rub, you just don’t know until you dig it.  Eventually I would come across a signal that wasn’t like any I seen before and sometimes it would be a new kind of trash and sometimes you find a ring, silver coin etc.  My first silver coin (Mercury dime) signaled penny, pulltab and dime.  As I kept swinging the coil over the target it would be jumping around those three, but mostly hit on dime.  I was thrilled to find a silver coin rim in the edge of my 6″ hole.

Wheats pennies rang up as dimes or dime/penny

Silver dimes deeper than four inches rang up mostly dime/quarter (might bounce to pulltab and penny, but mostly dime/quarter).  Only three silver dimes rang up as dimes and they were less than three inches.

Silver quarters rang up quarter/half dollar.   So do bottle caps at times unfortunately.

So much for constant repeatable signals!

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