Still Digging and Still Finding


Here in Missouri its been really hot and dry which is unusual for June.   I’m still swinging my coil, just not as long as I usually do.  I’ll hunt until the heat of the day runs me off or my arm and shoulder makes me quit after swinging the coil through high grass for a long period.  As I mentioned earlier in the year, I was going to see if running in manual was better than running in auto +3.  After a period of frustration I finally reached a point of success.  First and foremost, running the Etrac  wide open in manual does not work in my area.  What does work is letting the Etrac pick the best channel for the area your hunting.  Use auto to find out what sensitivity number the Etrac thinks is best and use that number in manual.  If the targets sound right, keep bumping the sensitivity higher until they don’t.  I’ve even dropped the numbers to get a better sound and target ID.  Here’s the key,  getting the best sound and target ID will make you more successful than just trying to go deeper.  If my machine is running too hot, the loud conductive shallow targets will hide almost all other targets under the coil at that time.  Also, if your falsing on most targets (Meaning the sound and numbers are not matching the targets consistently at normal depths) your going to miss good targets.  I’ve found that 22 sensitivity is about the best number in most places I hunt.  But your going to miss deeper targets!  Not necessarily,  I hunted a park this Spring in auto and found many silver coins.  I went back and hunted in manual and found 4 silver dimes I missed.  Two of them I could not see in auto +3!  My Etrac in auto was running at 24 plus three which would be 27.  I hit the Mercs in manual 22, but in auto 27 it couldn’t ID them.  Both dimes were 6-8″.  Why?  Both Mercs had shallower high conductive targets inside the coil area with them and the Etrac could not adust quickly enough to properly ID the deeper targets.  Obviously, it doesn’t happen all the time or the Etrac would be worthless, but it does happen.  I managed to find two silver rings.  One really large and another smaller than the diameter of a dime.  A really small baby ring I suppose.


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Two Barbers and Two Mercs

The title makes it sound like I’m killing the silver coins, but not exactly.  I went over two weeks without finding a silver coin.  That’s how it goes a lot of the time.  You spend your time finding a place with silver and then you pound it.  Then you change up your technique and pound it again.  You hit the place so many times you worry your mail may start being delivered there.  Then your out searching for a new place to hit.  It sounds easy until you think about the city your hunting has several metal detecting clubs who have been hitting it for 20+ years.  I’m constantly surprised by how much silver is still out there, but its getting pretty thin.  Soon someone is going to develop a new technology and even more silver will be found.  This morning I found two mercs and a wheat that was less than 5″ deep.  They were hiding under a old style pull tab and a piece of iron off to the side.  I was running manual 24 and using a very tight discrimination pattern.(That change of technique I was writing about)  All I got was a brief hit of 10-45 and 18-45.  I could ony pick up those numbers one in 10 other trash numbers in my swings.  I noticed a strong low tone there to so I dug it.  Then I started getting 12-45, 12-47, 12-46 and a few other numbers.  I pulled the first Merc and there was still an occasional silver number.  So I dug the iron and then I found the other Merc and wheat.  I wonder how many times I’ve passed silver thinking it was just falsing?  I hope your finds are plentiful. Good luck!

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Another Barber and Indian

I went out Saturday morning and hunted a big open field in the same old park.  I hunted for hours and only found modern coins.  When I did research on this park, there were pictures from 1915 and 1930’s showing large crowds in this area. (Even a rodeo!)  I’m really dumbfounded from not finding any old coins.  That area will just have to be work in progress….  Trying to salvage my day I went back to the area where I hit the Indian and the Barbers.  No old coins.  I was bummed…

So I teamed up with my brother this morning and we hunted several areas. My brother picked up a Merc and a Marine Corps Officers hat pin from the 1950’s.  The hat pin was silver and gold filled and looks really cool.  (That’s coming from an old Army grunt! 🙂  I started getting that sickening feeling of being skunked again!  So we headed back to the area where I found the Barbers and Indian.  There had to be more there.  Sure enough, I hit a 1907D Barber dime and its the best looking Barber dime I’ve found so far.  I found it in some really dense woods that runs on the fringes of that area.  It made my weekend!


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First Barbers of 2016

I was wondering when I was going to hit my first Barber coin this year.  My brother and a friend had already scored Barber dimes.  Not only did I score a Barber dime, I scored two!  They were about 4′ apart.  I also scored another silver Washington quarter and several Mercury dimes.  I seem to be back to only scoring one silver coin each time I go out.  I know, at least I’m finding silver.  Still I would like to find several at time.  I did score two Barbers in one day, but the next day I didn’t hit any.  So it averaged out.  I guess I’m lucky that I score at least one silver each time I go out.  I remember the days when I went for weeks without hitting silver.  I’m back to hitting the open public areas of the park.  The woods are filling up with weeds making swinging the coil close to the ground almost impossible.  So I’m crawling through the trash looking for that sweet sound. It’s still there, but a lot harder to find.


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Another interesting coin spill

Metal detecting in the woods is still paying off for me.  I was cutting through a thick area of small trees heading to an open area with large old trees and the Etrac sounded off.  I looked down at the display and it said 9-45.   Sweet!  As I worked around the spot I was getting numbers like 11-45, 12-47, 7-45 and 10-47.  Maybe a silver quarter?  So I dug a wide plug and as I flipped the soggy plug I could see a thin silver rim.  It was a Merc!  I stood up and started getting another silver dime signal and a a low tone mixed in.  Yep, a Merc and a Buffalo.  I checked the hole again and started getting wheat penny numbers.  I pulled two wheats out.  I was still hoping a silver quarter was lurking in the ground.  Then I started getting goofy numbers between a wheat and zincon.  I was surprised to find an Indian head penny.  Wow!  So this coin spill consisted of a 1923S and a 1916S Mercury dimes, a 1919D Buff, a 1908 Indian and 1919D and 1920 wheat pennies.  No Standing Liberty Quarter, bummer.  I love finding coin spills.  It gives me a glimpse of what someone was carrying at the time they lost the coins.  I was surprised finding an Indian head penny, but I guess I shouldn’t be.  The dates are not that far apart.  All the other coins were found in the woods except for a silver Rosie and a wheat. I found them in a really trashy part of the park where I found a previous silver Rosie.  Silver is still there to be found, but I have to be in the right mind set to find it.  It’s super trashy and you have to crawl over the ground to pick out a silver.  Another observation was the coin spill.  The Etrac picked out the silver first despite the other coins in the hole.  The first Merc was a little shallower, bit not by much.  So I would believe the Etrac is geared for silver primarily. Cool!

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March Madness

March has been a real bear for me to find silver coins.  You wouldn’t believe the hours I put in to find 3.  Luckily I found 2 today or I’d be stuck with just one.  I was sweating it.  The cool thing was I found a coin spill with a 1929D Mercury dime, 1920D wheat and a no date buffalo nickel.  Everything old I found was in the woods except for one Merc, it was picked up in a trashy old park.  I’ve been trying the etrac in manual mode and it only works for me in a few places.  I’ve only found one old coin using manual and it was a deep wheat.  I was still able to pick it up in auto.  I’m going to try field hunting this year so maybe it will be beneficial there.  I also found an old pocket watch today.  It appears to be steel with a plated back.  The front was gone and I found the back a few inched away.  I was frustrated I couldn’t find the front glass and bezel.  Bummer. Good luck to everyone. 
BTW – Congrats to MDFINDS with finding the silver rosie while it was snowing!

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Good Weather, More Mercs and Silver Quarter

Winter here in Missouri has been extremely mild this year.  Heck, we are seeing mosquitoes already. Crazy!  Of course I’ve been taking advantage of the weather and finding silver.  I managed to find my first silver quarter of the year and several more Mercury dimes.  All my silver but the rosie has came from hunting the woods in an old park.  I hit another very old park and managed to hit a silver broach, but no silver coins.  While I’m at 8 silver coins, my brother is leading the pack with 10 silver coins this year.  Not too bad this early in the game.  While I mostly hunt in auto +3, I’ve decided to make a point to hunt in manual more this year.  There are many on the net who claim by hunting in manual a little extra depth and clarity can be gained.  My attempts last year only provided me with an unstable etrac.  So I will figure out a way to do it if it is possible.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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First Big Silver for 2016

The weather this winter has been pretty mild and I’ve been trying to get out as much possible.  Hunting in the woods has scored me a couple of silvers in the form of a Merc and a Walking Liberty half dollar.  Finding a silver half dollar is such a rush.  When you struggle to find a silver quarter and find a silver half, you thank your lucky stars.  I also managed to find a silver rosie in a 1950’s yard.  Other notable finds came in a form of a Missouri tax token and a Catholic rosery.  The rosery was a surprise since I found it in the woods too.  The wooded area I’ve been detecting is very large and I’m hopeful to find even more cool stuff.


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Dang the Cold!

The cold has settled in and the ground is frozen.  So what to do?  I decided to learn how to get the most out of my blog.  So my blog will be changing for the better, I hope.  I’m learning how to add photos using a mobile WordPress app.  Which is good since all my pictures are on my phone.  It’s been challenging for me to learn the app. (can you hear the snickers of my children in the background? 🙂  I think I’m finally starting to get the app figured out and my blog is showing promise.  Best of luck to everyone and good hunting.

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First Silver of the Year

A brand new year is apon us and a chance to find even more silver.  I’ve already been out twice this year metal detecting.  I was able to find my first silver on Jan 1st in the form of a Mercury dime. It felt nice to have one under my belt.  I’m back to my goal of finding 100 silver coins this year.  I’m considering new stratagies for this year.  I would like to try old plowed fields and pasture lands.  Who knows, maybe a gold coin is lurking out there:)

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