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First Silver Coins for 2017 are Barbers!

My first silver this year came in the form of a man’s ring inscribed “Luther” accross its face.  It rang up a constant 12-47 on the Etrac. I didn’t find an old coin that day and only a couple modern coins in that area.
       I met my brother yesterday at large local park we’ve been pounding for the last couple months.  Despite everything being covered with a thin sheet of ice and being really cold, we set out to find our fortunes. I decided to go back to an area we’ve hit several times before and where I found a Barber dime, some Mercury dimes, silver Rosies and silver Washington Quarters. My brother picked up a couple of Barber Quarters and a Rosie.  I asked myself, “did we find it all?”  After picking up a couple clad quarters, some clad dimes and those 4 -5″ deep memorials that occasionally ring up 12-45 (one of these days someone is going to have to explain to me how that works) I hit an interesting signal.  12-41, 12-40 and 12-45 once. Nice constant tone, but not a screaming silver sound.  I dug the hole and in one of the chunks of dirt I see a silver rim.  A silver dime!  As I carefully picked away the dirt I see the date 1907.  My first silver coin of the new year is a 1907 O Barber dime.  How cool is that!  So I switched to all metal and interrogated every signal in the vicinity. No more coins.  So I switched backed to my discrimination pattern and started gridding the area.  A couple minutes later I hear a good tone and looked down and 8-46 is on the screen.  As I circled the spot I noticed my numbers were 6-46, 8-46 and my hopes for a silver quarter grew.  As I flipped the plug, a flat silver disc drops to the bottom of the hole. A very worn 1903 Barber quarter is my reward.  Really?  My second silver coin for the year is a Barber quarter!  I really started rubbing my coil on the icy grass then 🙂  I hunted about 30 minutes more and gave into my cold complaing fingers and toes and headed home.  Not a bad start to 2017.

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Another Barber Quarter!

I’ve put in a lot of hours and coil swinging to find silver.  I managed to hit a Merc at 5-6″  that sang out loud and clear.  Not sure why it wasn’t found by others.  It was the same with the Barber Quarter, it hit a solid 12-46 and was only 4″ deep.  Its the shallowest silver quarter I’ve found to date and the only one that rang up 12-46.  I thought I was digging another clad quarter until I saw the Eagle on back.   I managed to hit another deep Indian Head penny in pretty good shape.  I like finding those as much as silver!  I’m at 41 silver coins and 100 seems a million miles away.  I need to step up my research and focus on old gathering places.  I hope your finds are plenty and old 🙂  Good luck!

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On track with silver finds

There has been a lot of digging going on since my last post.  So I will hit the highlights… I metal detected (md) a 1950’s era house and found 3 silver Rosevelts.   It’s good to find silver, but silver Rosevelts are not as exciting as Mercury dimes.  At least for me, I think its because the Rosevelt design is still around today though now clad.  I had hopes of finding silver quarters in those era of houses, but apparently not.  I started md a local hundred year old park thats near me and had pretty good luck.  The park has been pounded for years by other diggers, but they didn’t get it all.  I hit a spot where a jumpy signals, 04-39, 10-40, 12-44, 11-41, 12-46  etc.  What ever it was it was deep in the 7-9″ range.  So I start by digging a deep plug, my pin pointer was quiet.  So I dig more, my pin pointer chatters a little. Finally, a wheat comes out, another and another.  In one hole I pulled 8 wheats and a merc!  I couldn’t believe it, but I’ll take it.  I ended up with 9 wheats and two merc’s.  I went back there this evening and pulled a wheat and 3 merc’s in a one foot area.  I’ll take it!  Everything I’ve hit old there is between 7-9″.  You have to go slow and double sweep your coil as you go along to give your detector a chance to ID the deeper targets.

My brother has found some awesome finds where I found the seated quarter.  He found a 1898 O Barber quarter, 1888 Indian head penny and 1884 “V” nickel!    My  friend Galen has been hitting Merc’s left and right, in fact he found 3 in one hole!  So we are finally starting to hit the silver we know is out there.  Not too bad for Missouri.

I set a goal of finding 30 silver coins this year, it looks like I’m going to have a good shot at it.

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