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More Silver Including a Silver Half

First off, I’ve neglected keeping my Blog up to date.  It’s been going really slow with a long dry spell and now a ton of rain.  Finding new places to hunt has been tough.  I managed to find a couple of pockets in old parks that yielded a couple of Mercs, a Rosie and a very worn Standing Liberty Quarter with no date. (Thats two now with no dates, bummer) Mostly I’ve been hitting the same old places and picking up what we’ve missed.  I picked up a Barber dime that was only 3-4″ deep around a tree that was been hit before.  It was about 4″ from trash and I found it because I went from a different direction.  Makes you wonder how much is missed?  I guess that’s what keeps me going back to the same ole places.  I did hit an area park that was created in 1951.  I hunted for an hour or so and was about to give up when I got an interesting signal.  My numbers were 1-44, 1-45 and then 12-46 and trash numbers.  I previously dug two old smashed cans with similar numbers, but this target hit 12-46 a lot.  It was hard to pinpoint so I dug a large plug.  As I pulled the plug I saw a large silver coin fall back into the hole.  It was a Walking Liberty Half and I nicked it despite the large plug. A wheat and pull tab was in the plug also. The half was dated 1945 and the wheat was 1952.  I can only assume people were still carrying Walkers in the 50’s. Hopefully my finds will increase and I will try to do better with my blog.  I still have a long way to go to hit 100.



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Glory Days With Old Silvers

I know its been a while, silver finds were going slow and then boom I start banging them every time I went out. Crazy!  I started hitting a large, spread out old park.  It follows the river bluffs and the open grassy places have been pounded over the years by other metal detectorist.   They didn’t find everything 🙂  I cannot emphasize enough about going slow and check out every deep signal.  You won’t cover a lot of ground, but I bet you won’t leave much behind.  I pulled a silver Washington quarter out of a nail infested hole.  I could tell there were multiple targets in an eight inch area, but in two different angles I would hit silver dime, quarter numbers.  I hadn’t found anything but an old wheat so I dug it.  I pulled two nails with large heads, dang.  My pinpointer still chattered in the wall and out came a silver Washington quarter.  Keep in mind, I dig at least 5 or so deep nails because I will get coin numbers with iron numbers.  So it does pay off to dig them.  Besides, it would bug me to death not knowing if there was a silver in the ground or not.  While I was there I noticed hiking trails leading into woods along the bluffs.  So what the heck, I headed out.  I had good luck hitting the woods in another park and it payed off here.  I found several Mercs and three Barber dimes.  It’s such a thrill to find silver from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  To top it off I found a 1875 Seated Quarter (very, very worn) on the edge of a trail today.  I couldn’t believe it, I was stunned!  After texting a pic to my brother and friend I went on.  I found a 1925D Merc about 20 yards further down the trail.  Then I covered about a quarter mile of more trails and found nothing.  Thats how it is sometimes.  I’m at 71 silver coins for the year.  My hopes of hitting a 100 is fading.  I need to find 3 more to match my last years finds.   I did find my first War Nickel of the year.  I also found a barely readable 1916 Buffalo Nickel.  I just don’t seem to find much of those.

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Silver Rosie’s are revealing themselves

I remember thinking a little while back that my silver rosie count was down.  It looks like I’m making up for it now!  I managed to pick 5 of them recently hunting around 1950’s schools.  These are usually the least fruitful for me since most coins from the 50’s are not very deep and easily picked up by most detectors.  The ones I did find were in fields behind schools or in oddball places on the property.  It takes a lot of time to cover these areas and the least fun to hunt due to the taller grass.  I picked up a silver quarter in an old park in very dense trash.  The readings were so iffy I thought it would be a clad quarter at best.  According to my records I’m one silver coin up from last year at this time.  I’m still determined to hit my goal of 100.  I’m still kicking around the idea of upgrading to a larger coil since most of the Etrac bloggers I’ve followed already have.  So there must be some kind of an advantage there!  I also picked up a child’s silver ring at 4″.  It rang up mostly like a modern penny which I don’t dig much.  This one rang up differently enough it made me curious.  It goes to show you never really know what you might be passing up!

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More First’s, a Barber Quarter and Large Silver Coin Spill

This year is going to be my year of “firsts” metal detecting.  I hit a deep 12-46, 11-47 at 6-7″.  I thought to myself, “thats a deep clad quarter!”  As I circled the target my numbers started hitting, 10-46, 8-46, 1-35, 1-47 etc.  Has to be a deep silver quarter.  So I dug my plug, pin pointer chirped at the bottom of my hole of 5″, another good sign.  My second scoop of dirt revealed a silver rim of a quarter.  Thinking it was going to be a silver Washington, I was very surprised to find a 1899 silver Barber quarter.  My first one!!  I’ve waited a long time to find one if these puppies.  So I searched another 45 min and hit another spot with silver quarter numbers.  Having thoughts of another Barber quarter running through my mind, I was slightly disappointed finding a silver Rosie.  (I would have been jumping for joy last year.  Its amazing how our expectations change in a year!)  I thought to myself, silver quarter numbers from a silver rosie at 4″?  Sure enough, another silver was in the hole, a Merc.  Then another!  I ended up pulling a silver Washington quarter, 2 silver rosie’s, a merc and a buffalo nickel!  My first larger silver coin spill!  Here’s the dates – 1916 Buffalo, 1941 washington, 1944D Merc and 1950, 1953D Rosie.  Since 1953 is the most recent year, does that mean in 1953 mercs and buffalo nickels were still being carried around?  I’ve changed my hunting pattern to hitting the woods surrounding old parks.  It takes a long time to hit a target, but its been paying off for me.  Plus, I’ve found a few Morel Mushrooms to boot!  The weeds are down, so its now or never for these areas.  My goal is 100 silvers this year, so I’d better quit typing and get to hunting!  Good luck!

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Another First

The weather here in Missouri is definitely Bi-polar this year.  Despite the seasonably cool temperatures, I went out digging in the dirt this last weekend.  Saturday I hit my local hunted out park for a hour or so.  I spent a few minutes looking the park over for places that didn’t have obvious signs of recent dirt moving.  There is one area that looks good, but my two previous attempts failed to anything old.  So I slowed my sweep down and paid close attention to my numbers and depths of my targets.  The area is very trashy with modern trash which I’m sure is masking deeper good targets.  I noticed I was starting to hit 6″ plus targets and then a 12-40, 12-38, 12-41 signal at 6″.  I found a wheat, then two feet away I hit another deep wheat.  I started getting excited of a possible deep silver lurking in the ground.  About 15 minutes later I start getting 11-46, 15-46, 11-44, 12-45 mixed with crazy trash numbers.  A silver quarter maybe?  Nope, sadly a very worn 1929D Mercury dime.  Still its silver #70!  I lasted about another 15 minutes before the cold wind won out.  Sunday I went with my brother back to a field behind an older school were I found two Mercury dimes last weekend.  We both believed there has to be a silver quarter or quarters there.  Buddy let me tell ya,  it was cold.  Temperature was about 31 degrees with a stiff wind of about 20 mph, luckily the ground wasn’t frozen, but it was wet.  Needless to say we went to the truck and warmed up a couple times over 4 hours or so!  At first it was looking like a couple wheats and modern coins was going to be our reward.  Then I hit 08-46, 11-46, 11-45, 10-46, 15-44 and iron numbers deep.  I thought it was probably silver, didn’t really sound like silver, but it was definitely a dig signal.  ( I dug two older iron targets with similar numbers earlier)  I popped the plug, nothing in the hole.  An inch deep in the plug I see a silver dime.  As I carefully pick off the dirt I see “One Dime” on the back and a wreath.  A barber I thought!  Sweet!!  Then as I pick away at the front I see a 1887 SEATED DIME!!!   I couldn’t believe it, needless to say we didn’t expect to find anything that old.  My first metal detecting and hopefully not my last.  It was my only old coin for the day.  Well I’m at 71 silver coins so far and I still have a few weeks left.  I’m still looking for my first big silver, who knows, maybe next weekend 😉

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Three More Mercury Dimes..

Since my last posting I’ve managed to find three more silvers in the form of Mercury dimes.  I love finding Mercury dimes, but I’m ready to start finding Barber dimes.  Heck, I’m ready to start finding much older coins period!  The weather has been pretty mild here for July, but its way to dry.  So I’ve been sticking to only digging parks, heavily hunted parks that is.  The three Merc’s came from three different parks and a lot of patient scanning.  The only silver coins left are the difficult ones no one else could find.  One of the Merc’s ended up being one of the deepest coins I’ve found at a honest 8-9″.  I could barely detect it and my numbers were all over the place.  Using “Quick Mask” I was able to determine it was a coin at the very edge of my Etrac ability to detect it.  Still I was pretty sure it was a coin.  I’ve dug a lot of modern coins and wheats as my numbers are climbing.   I’m still not a 100% confident I can find a silver coin mixed with old iron.   I just haven’t done it myself.  I’ve dug wheats with nails in the same hole, but not silver I can remember.  Every mixed signal I’ve dug with silver coin numbers and iron numbers ALWAYS ended being a nail.  That would be I picked up the head of the nail that is.  So I’ve differed to only digging solid  reasonable numbered targets with a nice repeatable sound.  If anyone is willing to share their insights I will be happy to listen.  Best to you…

BTW – I did find a Chicago Transit Authority token.  Kinda odd since it was found in an old Kansas City Park. It was at about 5-6″ and rang up in between foil and Nickel numbers.  Odd sounding and odd numbers prompted me to dig it.  I’m glad I did.  So when in doubt, be curious and dig it.  You never know….

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My First Liberty “V” Nickel

I found my first Liberty “V” nickel and its my oldest coin of  this year at 1891.  Its not the prettiest coin to look at, but it’s sweet to me!  Finding really old coins in our area has turned out to be a real task.  No silver for me recently, but my brother found a Franklin half dollar and my friend found his first barber dime (1902).  So I’m encouraged there is still cool stuff out there to be found.  Ironically, the Liberty nickel and the barber dime was found in a park we didn’t realize was that old.  We also found a 1910, 1912, 1919 wheat pennies and a1917 mercury dime, 1902 Indian head penny there.  We had no idea we would find anything that old, so you never know.  Happy digging!!

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On track with silver finds

There has been a lot of digging going on since my last post.  So I will hit the highlights… I metal detected (md) a 1950’s era house and found 3 silver Rosevelts.   It’s good to find silver, but silver Rosevelts are not as exciting as Mercury dimes.  At least for me, I think its because the Rosevelt design is still around today though now clad.  I had hopes of finding silver quarters in those era of houses, but apparently not.  I started md a local hundred year old park thats near me and had pretty good luck.  The park has been pounded for years by other diggers, but they didn’t get it all.  I hit a spot where a jumpy signals, 04-39, 10-40, 12-44, 11-41, 12-46  etc.  What ever it was it was deep in the 7-9″ range.  So I start by digging a deep plug, my pin pointer was quiet.  So I dig more, my pin pointer chatters a little. Finally, a wheat comes out, another and another.  In one hole I pulled 8 wheats and a merc!  I couldn’t believe it, but I’ll take it.  I ended up with 9 wheats and two merc’s.  I went back there this evening and pulled a wheat and 3 merc’s in a one foot area.  I’ll take it!  Everything I’ve hit old there is between 7-9″.  You have to go slow and double sweep your coil as you go along to give your detector a chance to ID the deeper targets.

My brother has found some awesome finds where I found the seated quarter.  He found a 1898 O Barber quarter, 1888 Indian head penny and 1884 “V” nickel!    My  friend Galen has been hitting Merc’s left and right, in fact he found 3 in one hole!  So we are finally starting to hit the silver we know is out there.  Not too bad for Missouri.

I set a goal of finding 30 silver coins this year, it looks like I’m going to have a good shot at it.

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Plenty of change, no silver

Since the weather has made a turn for the better, I’ve been out digging every free minute I could spare.   I was able to hunt with my brother and friend a little and I went lone wolf.  I hunted old schools, a park, neighbors house etc.  Here are my 5 day totals:

Quarters – 10, Dimes – 12, Nickels – 2, Wheats – 3 (1939, 1953D, 1956D), Memorials – 16

Not bad, but I’m still waiting to find my first silver with the Etrac.  I’ve been trying to test its full depth potential.  I’ve read posts, blogs to ad nauseam about finding the deeper coins.  Currently I’m becoming well versed in finding old nails!  So I will continue until I find that first deep coin, hear its sound and see its TDI.  I’ve been “mixing it up” with the settings to see if I can find the setup that works for me and works in our Missouri dirt.  Here’s what I think of my Etrac so far.  First, I’m digging WAY less trash than I did with the Ace 250.  I’ve dug more nails, but its because I’m digging questionable 8+ ” deep targets.  I’ve only dug one pull tab, a little foil and unknown metal I’ve yet to identify.  No bottle caps!!!!!  I’ve dug hundreds of bottle caps with the Ace 250.  I’m finding more Quarters and Dimes for sure since I’m re hunting ground covered previously with the Ace 250.

The one question I’m looking for the answer to, are there more older coins still in the ground, but just deeper?  If so, how much?  So far the answer has been, no.  I’ll try to see if the answer changes over the course of this year.

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