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Two Little Indians

Finally!  I finally found a couple of Indian head pennies.  Its been driving me crazy not finding any in parks and places where they should be.  Here’s the trick, both rang up as 1-30, 1-31 at 5+ inches deep.  I’ve been told and have read they should ring up in the ball park of 12-35 to 12-39.  Not on channel 6 and deep. Keep in mind other numbers came up as I swept back and forth, but those to sets of numbers came up the most.  I also hit another Merc and War Nickel.  I’m at 56 silver coins this year, can I hit 100?  I’m dang sure going to try.  Keep pounding those old parks, not always in the obvious areas.  If you ever wondered if some coins are just deeper or is any left?  The answer is yes!

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