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First Seated Dime and More Silver

I feel really fortunate having such great parks to hunt here in the Kansas City area.  Kansas City Parks and Recreation deserve a lot of positive credit for the work they have put into restoring the parks. If you have not visited our parks recently, I think you may be surprised by the improvements.

I’ve continued pounding the 1940’s park and I realized there were at least two old houses or structures there.  In two areas I’ve found deep square nails and a very worn seated dime.  I also found a 1903O Barber dime in the area.  I also managed to find three more silver quarters, two more Mercs and 6 Rosies.  My silver count is 80 for this year so far, but time is running out.  I guess I will have to hit 100 next year 🙂

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Two Barbers and Two Mercs

The title makes it sound like I’m killing the silver coins, but not exactly.  I went over two weeks without finding a silver coin.  That’s how it goes a lot of the time.  You spend your time finding a place with silver and then you pound it.  Then you change up your technique and pound it again.  You hit the place so many times you worry your mail may start being delivered there.  Then your out searching for a new place to hit.  It sounds easy until you think about the city your hunting has several metal detecting clubs who have been hitting it for 20+ years.  I’m constantly surprised by how much silver is still out there, but its getting pretty thin.  Soon someone is going to develop a new technology and even more silver will be found.  This morning I found two mercs and a wheat that was less than 5″ deep.  They were hiding under a old style pull tab and a piece of iron off to the side.  I was running manual 24 and using a very tight discrimination pattern.(That change of technique I was writing about)  All I got was a brief hit of 10-45 and 18-45.  I could ony pick up those numbers one in 10 other trash numbers in my swings.  I noticed a strong low tone there to so I dug it.  Then I started getting 12-45, 12-47, 12-46 and a few other numbers.  I pulled the first Merc and there was still an occasional silver number.  So I dug the iron and then I found the other Merc and wheat.  I wonder how many times I’ve passed silver thinking it was just falsing?  I hope your finds are plentiful. Good luck!

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First Barbers of 2016

I was wondering when I was going to hit my first Barber coin this year.  My brother and a friend had already scored Barber dimes.  Not only did I score a Barber dime, I scored two!  They were about 4′ apart.  I also scored another silver Washington quarter and several Mercury dimes.  I seem to be back to only scoring one silver coin each time I go out.  I know, at least I’m finding silver.  Still I would like to find several at time.  I did score two Barbers in one day, but the next day I didn’t hit any.  So it averaged out.  I guess I’m lucky that I score at least one silver each time I go out.  I remember the days when I went for weeks without hitting silver.  I’m back to hitting the open public areas of the park.  The woods are filling up with weeds making swinging the coil close to the ground almost impossible.  So I’m crawling through the trash looking for that sweet sound. It’s still there, but a lot harder to find.


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Glory Days With Old Silvers

I know its been a while, silver finds were going slow and then boom I start banging them every time I went out. Crazy!  I started hitting a large, spread out old park.  It follows the river bluffs and the open grassy places have been pounded over the years by other metal detectorist.   They didn’t find everything 🙂  I cannot emphasize enough about going slow and check out every deep signal.  You won’t cover a lot of ground, but I bet you won’t leave much behind.  I pulled a silver Washington quarter out of a nail infested hole.  I could tell there were multiple targets in an eight inch area, but in two different angles I would hit silver dime, quarter numbers.  I hadn’t found anything but an old wheat so I dug it.  I pulled two nails with large heads, dang.  My pinpointer still chattered in the wall and out came a silver Washington quarter.  Keep in mind, I dig at least 5 or so deep nails because I will get coin numbers with iron numbers.  So it does pay off to dig them.  Besides, it would bug me to death not knowing if there was a silver in the ground or not.  While I was there I noticed hiking trails leading into woods along the bluffs.  So what the heck, I headed out.  I had good luck hitting the woods in another park and it payed off here.  I found several Mercs and three Barber dimes.  It’s such a thrill to find silver from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  To top it off I found a 1875 Seated Quarter (very, very worn) on the edge of a trail today.  I couldn’t believe it, I was stunned!  After texting a pic to my brother and friend I went on.  I found a 1925D Merc about 20 yards further down the trail.  Then I covered about a quarter mile of more trails and found nothing.  Thats how it is sometimes.  I’m at 71 silver coins for the year.  My hopes of hitting a 100 is fading.  I need to find 3 more to match my last years finds.   I did find my first War Nickel of the year.  I also found a barely readable 1916 Buffalo Nickel.  I just don’t seem to find much of those.

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Deep Woods Silver and more

Where to start.  Ok, hit 50 with a Silver Rosie in the field behind a local school where I’ve hit other silver Rosie’s.  Fifty always seemed to be the hardest number to hit for me.  My Pro Coil started developing problems hunting in wet grass.  I haven’t had problems in the past, but who knows?  So I order the 13″ Ultimate coil by Detech to keep me going.  It’s slightly heavier and really pushes the detector’s balance forward.  Not much harder to handle though. As soon as I put the new coil on I headed to the local old hunted out park.  I managed to find a Merc at 4-5″ sitting at a 45 degree angle.  That looked promising.  My next hunt was another hunted out old park.  The grass was fairly high and made it difficult to hunt, but not impossible.  I found a deep target giving numbers like 1-40, 1-39, 1-36 etc.  I thought it would be a wheat, but much to my surprise it was a bent 1898 Canadian nickel made of silver.  Wow, for one I didn’t know they were made of silver and two was that it was in a Midwest city park!  About 6″ away I found a 1898 Indian Head Penny.  I love finding Indian Head Pennies.  Maybe the new coil is giving me an advantage since I know 3 etracs have been over this area before.  Since most of the parks I hunt haven’t been mowed in a while.  I decided to hunt deeper in the woods in the park I found the Barber Quarter in.  Yes, weeds are high in most places, but in the big timber its not too bad.  It paid off with my second Walking Liberty Half, my first Standing Liberty Quarter and three silver Rosie’s and a Merc.  It took about 6 hours of wandering through the brush, but 6 silvers!  Guess where I’ll be going next weekend?!  Happy Hunting

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More First’s, a Barber Quarter and Large Silver Coin Spill

This year is going to be my year of “firsts” metal detecting.  I hit a deep 12-46, 11-47 at 6-7″.  I thought to myself, “thats a deep clad quarter!”  As I circled the target my numbers started hitting, 10-46, 8-46, 1-35, 1-47 etc.  Has to be a deep silver quarter.  So I dug my plug, pin pointer chirped at the bottom of my hole of 5″, another good sign.  My second scoop of dirt revealed a silver rim of a quarter.  Thinking it was going to be a silver Washington, I was very surprised to find a 1899 silver Barber quarter.  My first one!!  I’ve waited a long time to find one if these puppies.  So I searched another 45 min and hit another spot with silver quarter numbers.  Having thoughts of another Barber quarter running through my mind, I was slightly disappointed finding a silver Rosie.  (I would have been jumping for joy last year.  Its amazing how our expectations change in a year!)  I thought to myself, silver quarter numbers from a silver rosie at 4″?  Sure enough, another silver was in the hole, a Merc.  Then another!  I ended up pulling a silver Washington quarter, 2 silver rosie’s, a merc and a buffalo nickel!  My first larger silver coin spill!  Here’s the dates – 1916 Buffalo, 1941 washington, 1944D Merc and 1950, 1953D Rosie.  Since 1953 is the most recent year, does that mean in 1953 mercs and buffalo nickels were still being carried around?  I’ve changed my hunting pattern to hitting the woods surrounding old parks.  It takes a long time to hit a target, but its been paying off for me.  Plus, I’ve found a few Morel Mushrooms to boot!  The weeds are down, so its now or never for these areas.  My goal is 100 silvers this year, so I’d better quit typing and get to hunting!  Good luck!

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Finally, A Big Silver Fish!

I thought my exciting news was going to be about going out of town, hitting a really old park and finding a Indian Head penny and a silver Washington.  That was until yesterday when I pulled a 1943S Walking Liberty Half!  That’s my first large silver coin and it made my weekend.  This last weekend was looking pretty bad since I hadn’t found an old coin until I hit the silver half (it ended up being my only old coin for the weekend).  Since my last posting, I’ve found several silver coins and wheats at various parks.  The weekend before last, me and my brother went to an old small town park dating in the late 1800’s.  I was pumped, surely there must be a lot of silver coins.  It was cold, ground was frozen and it was one of the cleanest parks (not much trash considering the age) I’ve hunted.  Someone or others had cleaned it up good, maybe looking for gold rings.  Modern coins were mostly pennies and I did manage to find a 2″ deep clad half dollar (another first) that must have been passed thinking it was trash.  After several hours, I hit a deep signal that turned out to be an 1903 Indian Head penny and a 5″ iffy signal that was a silver Washington on its edge.  I was lucky to find the silver quarter, had I approached it from any other direction I would have missed it.  As I circled the target, I only got a decent signal from one side.  It sounded like silver, but it didn’t a 100%.  I was just lucky and being curious payed off.  I’m at 17 silver coins and trying desperately trying to keep a good silver pace.  My goal is to beat my last years finds of 74 silver coins which is going to be tough.  So I will stay at it.  Best of luck!

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Great Weekend and Great Finds

The weather was great this last weekend and I knew I’d better get out with the Etrac.  I decided to hit the last two old parks where I found silver.  I went back to the park where I found several silver dimes including a Barber.  There’s a lot of ground there to cover and I covered a pretty large portion of it.  I didn’t find any new hot spots or a random silver.  I did find a deep dateless wheat and several modern coins, but no silver. I still think there’s more silver there, just deeper.  Out of curiosity I decided to hit a fairly large grassy area in between two streets right next to the park.  I found a Merc and several modern coins.  I will need think about hunting these kinds of places in the future.  My next stop was the park where I found the silver quarter and Mercury dime.  The area was densely littered with nails and I hunted it heavily in multi tone before.  So to satisfy my curiosity I hit it hard in TTF to see if I missed anything.  My first good target was 1244 mixed in with a lot of iron grunts.  I was very surprised to find a 1906D Barber dime!  I know when I hunted in multi tone, the etrac struggled to sort through all the targets even though I was going at a snails pace.  I also noticed the soil was heavily mineralized, black grainy etc.  I ended up finding a wheat and several memorials I missed before too.  So this experiment proved something I wondered about over the last year.  Multi tone doesn’t always find everything, regardless how slow you go.   There’s just too many different variables in the environment at different locations to be perfect every time.  So if your gut tells you there should be more, go find out.  So if you have an Etrac, why not use all of its abilities?  In my case, it put another Barber on my board!  Now I just need to find more silver quarters and half dollars 🙂  Good luck!

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My First Silver Trifecta!

So far 2015 has been good to me metal detecting.  An arctic front was heading our way bringing snow and really, really cold temperatures.  Saturday was misty with occasional light sprinkles with temperature near 38 degrees.  I debated taking my etrac out into these conditions and shorting it out.  Coughing up $700+ to replace board (Thats what I’ve read) just seemed chancy to me.  Still the thought of a week or more of arctic weather, rock solid frozen ground bummed me out too.  So I decided I would go and chance it.  I decided on another old city park with really no outstanding features other than a recently built tot lot.  Google satellite revealed possible old impressions of what might of been sidewalks now long gone that meandered through the park.   I wondered how much human traffic occurred in this park from the early 1900’s?  Only one way to find out!

I spent an hour criss crossing the park looking for signs of old areas heavily occupied in the past.  (Deep iron, deep trash and dense layer trash (pull tabs, foil etc) are usually good signs.)  Finally I started swinging over a thick layer of trash ranging from the surface to about 5″.  I slowed my swing speed down giving my etrac a chance to sort it all out when I came across a signal giving numbers from a wheat penny, clad dime and a hint of silver at 3-4″.  The park was being pretty stingy on coins and I hadn’t found anything old, so my anticipation peaked.  The ground was still a little frozen on top, but my shovel broke through.  There is nothing like seeing a silver rim in a dirt clod!  It’s even better when you see “One Dime” surrounded by a wreath!  My first silver find of the day was a 1906 Barber dime, how sweet.  After pounding the area I found 5 silver dimes, a Barber, 3 Merc’s and a Rosie.  I also found 5 wheats pennies in the area too.  It’s hard enough to find multiple silvers, but to finally find a trifecta is even sweeter.  I still found myself asking where are the silver quarters?  Anyone with a good detector and skills would have found these dimes.  So where are they?   I’ll let you know when I find them 🙂

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On the board with silver for 2015

I went out to a 1943 Park for a couple hours.  At first my hope of finding something was pretty weak.  All targets including trash was shallow since the park had been recently renovated.  So I started criss crossing the park looking for deeper targets hoping to find undisturbed soil.   Then I hit a target with numbers like 11-47, 13-47, 12-47 meaning silver quarter like numbers at 5-6″.  I found my first silver of 2015, a 1943P Merc.  So I crawled over that area and pulled 5 wheats with dates ranging from 1925 – 1952.  Two of the deep wheats rang up like silver dimes, bummer.  I was hoping for more silver, but I didn’t find any.  It was a tough hunt today, temps in the lower 30’s and breezy at times.  The ground was frozen down about 3″ and a bear to get through.  At least I started the year heading in the right direction.

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