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More Silver Including a Silver Half

First off, I’ve neglected keeping my Blog up to date.  It’s been going really slow with a long dry spell and now a ton of rain.  Finding new places to hunt has been tough.  I managed to find a couple of pockets in old parks that yielded a couple of Mercs, a Rosie and a very worn Standing Liberty Quarter with no date. (Thats two now with no dates, bummer) Mostly I’ve been hitting the same old places and picking up what we’ve missed.  I picked up a Barber dime that was only 3-4″ deep around a tree that was been hit before.  It was about 4″ from trash and I found it because I went from a different direction.  Makes you wonder how much is missed?  I guess that’s what keeps me going back to the same ole places.  I did hit an area park that was created in 1951.  I hunted for an hour or so and was about to give up when I got an interesting signal.  My numbers were 1-44, 1-45 and then 12-46 and trash numbers.  I previously dug two old smashed cans with similar numbers, but this target hit 12-46 a lot.  It was hard to pinpoint so I dug a large plug.  As I pulled the plug I saw a large silver coin fall back into the hole.  It was a Walking Liberty Half and I nicked it despite the large plug. A wheat and pull tab was in the plug also. The half was dated 1945 and the wheat was 1952.  I can only assume people were still carrying Walkers in the 50’s. Hopefully my finds will increase and I will try to do better with my blog.  I still have a long way to go to hit 100.



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Three More Mercury Dimes..

Since my last posting I’ve managed to find three more silvers in the form of Mercury dimes.  I love finding Mercury dimes, but I’m ready to start finding Barber dimes.  Heck, I’m ready to start finding much older coins period!  The weather has been pretty mild here for July, but its way to dry.  So I’ve been sticking to only digging parks, heavily hunted parks that is.  The three Merc’s came from three different parks and a lot of patient scanning.  The only silver coins left are the difficult ones no one else could find.  One of the Merc’s ended up being one of the deepest coins I’ve found at a honest 8-9″.  I could barely detect it and my numbers were all over the place.  Using “Quick Mask” I was able to determine it was a coin at the very edge of my Etrac ability to detect it.  Still I was pretty sure it was a coin.  I’ve dug a lot of modern coins and wheats as my numbers are climbing.   I’m still not a 100% confident I can find a silver coin mixed with old iron.   I just haven’t done it myself.  I’ve dug wheats with nails in the same hole, but not silver I can remember.  Every mixed signal I’ve dug with silver coin numbers and iron numbers ALWAYS ended being a nail.  That would be I picked up the head of the nail that is.  So I’ve differed to only digging solid  reasonable numbered targets with a nice repeatable sound.  If anyone is willing to share their insights I will be happy to listen.  Best to you…

BTW – I did find a Chicago Transit Authority token.  Kinda odd since it was found in an old Kansas City Park. It was at about 5-6″ and rang up in between foil and Nickel numbers.  Odd sounding and odd numbers prompted me to dig it.  I’m glad I did.  So when in doubt, be curious and dig it.  You never know….

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Random Silver stratagy

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find silver coins as frequently as clad coins?  Since that place isn’t in my zip code, I have to try different  means/tactics to find silver.  I hunted a house built in the 1920’s with a large spacious front yard with old large trees.  A perfect setup for old coins to be lost by kids, people doing yard work etc.  I pulled a 1938 silver quarter, two silver Rosie dimes and a couple of wheats.  I was hoping for so much more considering the age, size and layout of the yard.  I found most of the coins in areas I would have considered the least likely for coins.  The quarter was found by a gravel driveway on the edge of  a narrow strip of the yard on the side of the house.   Not a convenient place to park and reach the front or back doors.  One Rosie and a couple of wheats were in the same area,  but closer to the house in that narrow strip of yard.  Narrow by the standards of how large the front yard was.   Really not an area where any activities I can think of could be done.  The other Rosie was just off of the front porch and deep mixed with old nails.  It was a bear to detect and find.  The areas I considered prime like the front yard and the smaller back yard where people parked only turned up a wheat and a few modern coins.  Conclusions, the prime areas has already been metal detected or those two areas had been disturbed by some form of landscaping.  If it’s already been metal detected, they missed two silver coins by not covering the whole yard just because it didn’t look the best.

I went back to a newer park where a 1935 map showed five houses used to be there.  I hunted the heck around the new picnic tables and swing sets etc looking for old coins.  I did find a war nickel and a wheat previously near some old large trees where the ground wasn’t really moved much.  Behind were the houses used to be and is now part of the park is a large open area with old trees.  A few of the old trees are arranged in a fashion that could represent the outer boundaries of a large backyard.  I started noticing iron hits that could be nails and then I hit a silver dime signal.  Yep, a mercury dime!  I started searching like crazy for more even digging iffy signals.  Nope, it was just a randomly dropped silver.

I used the same strategy last night at a old Catholic Seminary that is now a school to find another Merc.  It was in a far corner by some old large trees and  a drive entrance to the parking lot.   Just one silver, another randomly dropped silver.  Of course I found a few modern coins also, still random drops.  Most people don’t hit those areas, not enough excitement I guess.   Did you notice the other correlation?  Old big trees, most people who landscape avoid them because of the roots.   So any thoughts?  Better strategies?  If you want to share, I’ll listen.

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On track with silver finds

There has been a lot of digging going on since my last post.  So I will hit the highlights… I metal detected (md) a 1950’s era house and found 3 silver Rosevelts.   It’s good to find silver, but silver Rosevelts are not as exciting as Mercury dimes.  At least for me, I think its because the Rosevelt design is still around today though now clad.  I had hopes of finding silver quarters in those era of houses, but apparently not.  I started md a local hundred year old park thats near me and had pretty good luck.  The park has been pounded for years by other diggers, but they didn’t get it all.  I hit a spot where a jumpy signals, 04-39, 10-40, 12-44, 11-41, 12-46  etc.  What ever it was it was deep in the 7-9″ range.  So I start by digging a deep plug, my pin pointer was quiet.  So I dig more, my pin pointer chatters a little. Finally, a wheat comes out, another and another.  In one hole I pulled 8 wheats and a merc!  I couldn’t believe it, but I’ll take it.  I ended up with 9 wheats and two merc’s.  I went back there this evening and pulled a wheat and 3 merc’s in a one foot area.  I’ll take it!  Everything I’ve hit old there is between 7-9″.  You have to go slow and double sweep your coil as you go along to give your detector a chance to ID the deeper targets.

My brother has found some awesome finds where I found the seated quarter.  He found a 1898 O Barber quarter, 1888 Indian head penny and 1884 “V” nickel!    My  friend Galen has been hitting Merc’s left and right, in fact he found 3 in one hole!  So we are finally starting to hit the silver we know is out there.  Not too bad for Missouri.

I set a goal of finding 30 silver coins this year, it looks like I’m going to have a good shot at it.

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First Buffalo’s of the year…..

Last year I found two Buffalo nickels, one with what I think is a 1916 date and the other was a no date.  Last weekend I found two more, a 1936 S and a 1936 with full clear dates.  I’m pretty happy with my self.  I have a new feather in my cap and I put it there.  I live in a city that is very old dating back into the middle 1800’s.  If you can find a foot of ground that is in the same state it was a hundred years ago, heck 50 years ago then you found something.  There are several very old parks here in town, everyone of them has been bulldozed, cut and filled, buried under new dirt and paved etc.  So I’ve been studying the parks and managed to find a couple spots where its been barely touched or missed progress all together.  The first park I found several modern coins, but then I found a 1943S War nickel. Sweet! I like those, silver! A 1952 wheat and that was it for now.  At the really old park, I played a hunch and confirmed it through research and found two Buffalo nickels.  The area is relatively small compared to the original park, that being said, myself and a friend pulled 2 Buffalo’s, a Merc and 4 wheats from this little area.  Most, if not all the dates were from the 1930’s.  So there is still stuff out there, you just have to find it.

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