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First Silver Coins for 2017 are Barbers!

My first silver this year came in the form of a man’s ring inscribed “Luther” accross its face.  It rang up a constant 12-47 on the Etrac. I didn’t find an old coin that day and only a couple modern coins in that area.
       I met my brother yesterday at large local park we’ve been pounding for the last couple months.  Despite everything being covered with a thin sheet of ice and being really cold, we set out to find our fortunes. I decided to go back to an area we’ve hit several times before and where I found a Barber dime, some Mercury dimes, silver Rosies and silver Washington Quarters. My brother picked up a couple of Barber Quarters and a Rosie.  I asked myself, “did we find it all?”  After picking up a couple clad quarters, some clad dimes and those 4 -5″ deep memorials that occasionally ring up 12-45 (one of these days someone is going to have to explain to me how that works) I hit an interesting signal.  12-41, 12-40 and 12-45 once. Nice constant tone, but not a screaming silver sound.  I dug the hole and in one of the chunks of dirt I see a silver rim.  A silver dime!  As I carefully picked away the dirt I see the date 1907.  My first silver coin of the new year is a 1907 O Barber dime.  How cool is that!  So I switched to all metal and interrogated every signal in the vicinity. No more coins.  So I switched backed to my discrimination pattern and started gridding the area.  A couple minutes later I hear a good tone and looked down and 8-46 is on the screen.  As I circled the spot I noticed my numbers were 6-46, 8-46 and my hopes for a silver quarter grew.  As I flipped the plug, a flat silver disc drops to the bottom of the hole. A very worn 1903 Barber quarter is my reward.  Really?  My second silver coin for the year is a Barber quarter!  I really started rubbing my coil on the icy grass then 🙂  I hunted about 30 minutes more and gave into my cold complaing fingers and toes and headed home.  Not a bad start to 2017.

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Silver Rosie’s are revealing themselves

I remember thinking a little while back that my silver rosie count was down.  It looks like I’m making up for it now!  I managed to pick 5 of them recently hunting around 1950’s schools.  These are usually the least fruitful for me since most coins from the 50’s are not very deep and easily picked up by most detectors.  The ones I did find were in fields behind schools or in oddball places on the property.  It takes a lot of time to cover these areas and the least fun to hunt due to the taller grass.  I picked up a silver quarter in an old park in very dense trash.  The readings were so iffy I thought it would be a clad quarter at best.  According to my records I’m one silver coin up from last year at this time.  I’m still determined to hit my goal of 100.  I’m still kicking around the idea of upgrading to a larger coil since most of the Etrac bloggers I’ve followed already have.  So there must be some kind of an advantage there!  I also picked up a child’s silver ring at 4″.  It rang up mostly like a modern penny which I don’t dig much.  This one rang up differently enough it made me curious.  It goes to show you never really know what you might be passing up!

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Where are the silver quarters?

The last few days has produced a silver rosie, several wheats and a lot of modern coins.  So far my brother is the only one who has found a silver quarter this year, a squeaker 1964 .  Last year I found 3 and my brother found 1 also.  So are silver quarters deeper, already found years ago since they are larger and easier to find?  I’m willing to listen to alternate thoughts on this.  The silver dime was found at an old school, they just keep producing!  If you want silver, your going to have to dig a lot of holes.  One day I would like to do the ratio of holes dug per silver finds.  I did find a silver ring, my first with the etrac,  It didn’t ring up like a normal silver coin as I’ve heard, but more like 01-46, 9-46 etc.  Its good to see my modern coin totals climb, I would like to crush my last year totals.

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